“The Main principle is that everything that was, is and will be is including in the Torah from Genesis until ‘in the eyes of all of Israel’ [end of Torah] and not only the principles but even every individual of every species and every person and every thing that will happen from the day they born until their end, and every incarnation and the details etc.”


This database includes all the known research articles on the Vilna Gaon and his students in English and in Hebrew.

“If one runs to do a mitzvah with great excitement, they should

check their motives, perhaps it is actually a transgression.”


The purpose of the membership is twofold. Much work has gone into putting this database together and the upkeep is an ongoing expense. We request a nominal fee of    10 USD to help us perpetuate this site.

In addition, the membership gives us information of those involved in research of the Gaon so that we can update them when new events or discoveries arise. We would also be happy to learn of whatever research you might have done to add to our database.


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